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*Now Preorder* White to Royal 5-Layer Botanical Carved Teacup (Ship in 4-6 weeks)

  • 8oz

  • dishwasher and microwave safe

  • glazed interiors and buffed ceramic exteriors.

PLEASE NOTE: The cup will become hot when filled with hot liquid. Please use for hot beverages with caution.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cindy Rattray
Absolutely GORGEOUS!

My little white to royal 5 layer botanical carved teacup is everything that I thought it would be and more. I love it and all of the work from Forest Ceramic. I would also like to mention that they are great supporters of other artists and have led me on a happy trail to see other work! Great job!

Kimberley Alberts
Botanical Carved Teacup

This teacup is a stunning piece of art. It has so many beautiful details. This is a go to small shop if you want something very unique.