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White to Coral Carved 5-Layer Tumbler

  • 10oz
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • glazed interiors and buffed ceramic exteriors.   

PLEASE NOTE: The cup will become hot when filled with hot liquid. Please use for hot beverages with caution.

The pictured cups represent the series design, but each cup's exact pattern is completely unique due to the patterning process.  The cup(s) you receive will not be exact replicas of the cups pictured.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chris Erichsen
Awesome, want more!

Great stuff and the packing material was super impressive and protective. Nice

Danielle Hanson
Words can’t describe how great this is!

The tumbler has all my favorite colors in one piece. You can’t just tell someone what you are looking at and how unique and impressive it is!! Absolutely love everything about it. Looking forward to seeing more pieces and will buy something in the future!

Kathryn Feller
Lovely piece

Every bit of tactile and exquisite as I imagined it would be when I finally saw it in person.

David Cronan

Lovely, thanks!

Beautiful cup! Will definitely be buying others.

This cup is beautiful. As warned, it does get hot with hot beverages but I still use it for my coffee. 100% recommend.