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*Preorder* “Rainbow Reflections” Cereal Bowl (16 oz) **Ship in 4-6 weeks**


All pieces are sold as singles, the groupings are shown to show the somewhat higher variation in this design. 

This design VERY MUCH has a front and back side.  While the focus is the front with reflections, the back is very interesting as well.  This is a function of the way the design is poured, and cannot be avoided, every cup will have a back like the second image.  

This item will be made to order, and shipped when finished.  No guarantees on shipping dates, your order will be shipped based on the order they arrive, and pieces are finished.   

  • microwave and dishwasher safe
  • glazed interiors and buffed ceramic exteriors. 
  • non-porous - it won't stain!

PLEASE NOTE : The bowl will become hot when filled with hot contents, so please use with caution.

All pieces are sold in SINGLE quantities and  photos of multiples are to show variation in the design. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love the bowl!

Megan S
Handcrafted Beauty

This bowl is an amazing addition to my collection from these lovely artisans. I am such a fan of their vibrant colors and designs. Add that I can toss it into the dishwasher at the end of use and I'm sold!

Robert L. Kupcek
Wonderful new bowls

The pottery is always a wonder to behold.

Ashley L
The most beautiful bowl!

I’ve been following Forest Ceramic Co for a few months now but had yet to purchase something (although I had definitely considered it!). I saw the rainbow reflections items available for preorder and just knew I had to have one! It is so stunning! Knowing how it was made makes it even cooler! This has definitely gone on a high shelf away from my kids’ reach and will be used for special occasions! If I had more space in my cabinets I would need to get more!