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Black Rainbow Drip Tumbler

  • 10oz

  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

  • Pattern proceeds around entire cup

PLEASE NOTE: Tumbler may become hot when filled with hot liquid, please use for hot beverages with caution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
black rainbow drip

love this cup. great atristry, craftsmanship and design. i’ve bought 3 over the years :)

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Please I want to do business with you but I can’t get an answer… I want to know if I buy some of your tools do you have a clip on what tool I would buy to get a tool to do what I want to do…. A gal I know did a vase to get fine lines of flowers on black. Glaze tell me where I can find this info to buy your tools…. Thank you. Jan Cline

Rachel Inmon
Functional Beauty

I was expecting that this cup might feel too fragile to use but it is a substantial weight and very smooth on the lips. What a beautiful piece of functional art!

Awesome as always!

This was one of the items I bought in my most recent order from Forest Ceramics and I love it! I’ve ordered 3 separate times now (5 items total) and I know this won’t be the last! Great quality artwork and the packaging is always very thorough!

Megan Sitterding
Stripy Fun!

These little tumblers make me smile when I use them! They're the perfect size for a cold glass of milk to go with cookies. Ceramics are just a wonderful art form, and I thank you for making such pretty, useful items!