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Earth Day Aurora Soup Bowl *Preorder* ship in 4-6 weeks


Please note disclaimer below. The photos shown represents the series, but will not be the exact cup(s) you receive. This design has a clear "front" and "back" with most of the design on one side. See photos for both sides.

  • 16oz

  • Dishwasher Safe

PLEASE NOTE: Tumbler may become hot when filled with hot liquid, please use for hot beverages with caution.

Disclaimer: These designs are handmade, and vary in many aspects.  Especially when it comes to made-to-order designs, there are a variety of things that may occur naturally in the ceramic process, including, but not limited to-- slight variations in roundness; exterior textures or minor scratches from the molds; minor glaze imperfections, etc.  We strive to only ship the highest quality pieces, these aspects are purely aesthetic, and are inherent in the process.  For instance, some of these designs have creases/lines due to the step-wise process of laying colors, and will be in every single design.  If we ship a piece, we do not consider any of its quirks enough to consider it a "second."  Please realize that handmade items are not without variability, and our process has high degrees of some of these variations.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Marianne Marck

These bowls are beautifully made, with a captivating glaze and special handmade features, like the inset sun, that make them an individual work of art.
I have loved everything from this artist. Shipped with care, no plastic