Forest Ceramic Company is located on Orcas Island, WA, and owned and managed by Sean Forest Roberts. 

Wares can be found at the following locations along the Pacific Coast: 

Space Needle Gift Store, Seattle, WA

Orcas Island Pottery, Orcas Island, WA

Orcas Island Artworks, Olga, WA

Pacific Northwest Shop, Tacoma, WA

Good Earth Pottery, Fairhaven, WA

Eutectic Gallery, Portland, OR

Petaluma Home and Garden, Petaluma, CA

Stripe Design Group, Santa Cruz, CA

Hands Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA

Artist Statement

With a background in chemistry and four years of work experience in science labs, I bring an experimental mindset to my artistic process.  My work is constantly changing as I develop new tools in my experimentation in the studio.  I am deeply fascinated by the underlying randomness in the patterns and structures of nature. 

My primary current work is the product of 4 years of experimentation with marbling colored slips.  Colored liquid clays are mixed and poured to create the vast array of patterns available in my series.  

Click here to see previous artwork. 


Sean Forest Roberts


Enchanted Forest Road, Orcas Island